Texas CHL Course

This is the course required by the state of Texas to receive your concealed handgun license. The Texas CHL course covers law pertaining to self defense and the carrying of a concealed handgun legally in the state of Texas. You must pass a written test and a short shooting qualification.

Open to: Those eligible for a CHL (Generally no felony convictions                      and no Class A or B misdemeanors within the last 5 years.                    For more on eligibility click on the CHL-16 button below and
                 review eligibility requirements.)

COST:    $75 discounts available for veterans, military, security, first                     responders, couples, and private group classes

LENGTH: 4-6 hours in the classroom plus the written test and the
                 shooting qualification. Generally 6 hours in total.

Texas CHL Courses

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How To Apply for your Texas CHL

Step One: Take Our Texas Concealed Handgun Course

To view our class schedule and register for classes CLICK HERE

Please make sure to register before hand.

Step Two: Apply for your Texas CHL


Step Three: Schedule Your Fingerprints

After your application you should be prompted to schedule your fingerprints.

If for some reason you are unable to schedule that way CLICK HERE to schedule.

Step Four: Send In Your Supporting Documents

You no longer need to mail in your documents to DPS.

If you do it will significantly lengthen your wait time. Watch the video >>>>>

Then CLICK HERE to visit the DPS contact site to submit your documents.

Step Five: Let us know when you receive your CHL by subscribing to us and leaving

a review! This will keep you updated on future courses to improve your skills.

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